Writer's Block: Fast-food TV
I actually enjoy watching strawberry shortcake whenever my nephew comes to visit lol

Depressed Much
So after going to a univerity open day last year and not meeting the entry requirements for the course I went out of my way to enrol on a Level 2 maths course to try and meet the entry requirements and also filled in a UCAS form early so I could send it in when I passed my maths exam. But after passing and sending the application form in I get told that it was unsiccessful and later find out it was because I didnt meet the entry requirements. So what am I ment to do? So much work for nothing. I feel so lost right now, like I might never get anywhere, like all my dreams have turned to stone and crummbled like ash. I know I can try again but it's not as easy as that...
I think I'm gonna take my time and get the relevant qualifications and apply to better univerities and see if I get anywhere that way. You never know, I might get lucky.

Writer's Block: Dynamite with a laser beam
It would possible be the line "Guess I'd rather hurt than feel nothing at all" from the song Need You Now by Lady Antebellum. It's such a soulful line because if you lose someone that you deeply care about and you feel nothing then it means that you were doomed to fail anyway so there really is no point crying over spilled milk, but if you hurt soo much to the point where you can no longer cry then it means that it can always work out again and the connection between the two of you must really be strong. It's kinda like when you get angy at a loved one and they get angry back, you should feel thankful because anger is a very passionate emotion and it means that you/they care very deeply.

Writer's Block: Merlin revisited
I think that if I were granted unlimited powers I would set the world to rights. Make it a peacful place to live in, and a safe place for kids to grow up in. I would change peoples attitudes towards racism, sexism, homophobia and so forth.

Still Awake...
I've finally finished working with a lot of lazy people, and I'm now lying in my not so comfortable bed trying to get my illness to go away. I just started to read 'The Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid' on line to see if it's worth a read, and to try and get me to sleep but no joy on the latter. Anyhow... Before I try and get my head down and catch some Zs I wanna leave a question for people to comment on if they'd like to.....
Q: Whats your favorite book at the moment, an why??
Answer away people....


Hi There
Hi there. Not quite sure what to write here yet but I'm sure It'll come to me after a while.
I've had a pretty boring day today to be honest. Just lounged around the house for a whole trying to get into the third 'Vampire Diaries' book, but my mind wouldn't allow it. Can anybody recommend any good books that don't involve supernatural romance that's doomed to fail but in the end it all comes down to good prevailing over evil? I don't think I can take another mushy story.
Anyhow, I have to get myself ready for work right now but if anyone who has read this can recommend anything, that would be great, thanks.



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